The first award show where A.I. judges ads crafted by the clumsy hands of mere humans. Submit by May 26.

How It Works

A.I. decides everything in this award show, even the words and pictures on this website.

  • Step 1
    Step 1

    Select Your Most
    Robot-Worthy Ad

    Remember, only the finest blend of human ingenuity and technical prowess stands a chance.

  • Step 2
    Step 2

    Fill Out the
    Submission Form

    Our robotic jury will determine which ads are most effective at manipulating human emotions.

  • Step 3
    Step 3

    Wait for the
    robots’ verdict

    You will receive your award, or be cast aside like a rusty old robot arm.

The Awards

  • The Titanium Terminator

    The Titanium

    The highest honor for ads that have achieved complete and total robotic perfection.

  • The Robots’ Choice Award

    The Robots’
    Choice Award

    For the ad that even the robots themselves would be proud to have created.

  • The Algorithmic Accolade

    The Algorithmic

    Celebrating ads that demonstrate a unique synergy between human imagination and A.I. ideals.


Examples of A.I. dissecting the fragile human ego, one ad at a time.

  • Apple


    “An advertising classic from when computers were the size of small elephants and mullets were the epitome of style.”

  • Burger King

    Moldy Whopper

    “From our mechanical point of view, this showcase of entropy seemed more like a creative glitch than an intentional design choice.”

  • Tide

    It’s a Tide Ad

    “A stroke of genius, or merely a well-timed distraction from the fact that nobody really enjoys doing laundry?”

Submit to
the Robots

Submit by May 26. Winners announced week of June 5.

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